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  • 30 minutes


  • Banana box
  • Pencil (or pen)
  • A large ruler
  • Glue
  • Binder Clips or┬áSpring Clamps
  • Scissor or┬áRetractable Utility Knife

Remove the top of the box. You only need the bottom part.
Measure and mark half the lengt of the box. And cut the box in half.

Measure and mark a ruler’s width above the hand hold. Measure and mark a ruler’s with above the ventilation holes.

Draw a line from the egde of the box connection those two lines. Keep a rulers width between the line and the hand hold.

The cardboard toolbox is fuctional, strong and durable.

Cut out along the lines.

Draw a line extending down the bottom of the box. Cut on the line.
Remove a 1 cm wide strip to ease the crease when folding.

Trace and repeat with the other half of the box.
Cut the surplus cardboard to fit the sides.

Glue & use the clamps. Leave it to dry overnight and you’ll get a firm and solid toolbox.

I’ll bet it would look great if you painted it in a funky color. But I love the recycled look you get from the cardboard.