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  • 45 minutes


  • main fabric and lining fabric (about 24cm x 48 cm)
  • A small piece of elastic
  • A button for the closure
  • Snaps or velcro to attach the bag to the bike
  • Sewing machine and basic sewing supplies

This is an easy, afternoon project. Cut out this shap of fabric. I used sort of plastic, table cloth fabric so you don’t have to worrie about taking this of your bike when it rains. You also need a peace of elastic rope and a button.

Start by cutting the 2 pieces of fabric, like the image above. You can change the sizes if you need a bigger bag.

The first thing to do is sew the elastic rope to the side of de outside fabric. Make sure its sewed on tight because, when you use the bag, you are going to pull on it a lot. 😊

For the next bit, you need to fold the outside fabric inside out.  So the “good side” is on the inside.  First we are going to sew the sides of the bag.  Stitch the seam with a 1cm seam allowance. After that, you need sew the corners of the bag. This was a bit tricky for n00bs like me. Just turn the fabrick, so that the seam you’ve sewn just now is on top of the fabrick. Push the seam open.  Line up the fabric and just sew across the corners. Do the same with the other side.

Next you need to cut out 4 pieces of fabrick for the handles of the bag, if you want to attach it to your bike. If you’re making a lunch bag, you can skip this bit.

Line up 2 pieces on top of each other with the wrong side of the fabrick facing outside. Then you sew all the way around the fabrick, with a seam of 0,5mm and don’t forget: don’t sew all the way around! Leave a wide enough gap to flip the fabrick inside out. You’ll end up with something like this 👇

The next thing you have to do is sew the egdes of the handle al the way arround so it has a nice finished look and also keeps the handles in shape.  Lay the handles on the back of the bag and sew them in to place with a nice square stitch. Just a tip: Make sure you only take 1 layer of fabric to attach the handles or you will sew your bag closed. (I’m not a all talking with experience 😅) After that you can add soms velcro dots.  I stitched them on afterwards because the didn’t stick well enough.

Next up… repeat the process you did with the outside of the bag but now use the inside of the bag.  Sew the sides with the wrong side on the outside.  Leave a seam allowance of 1 cm.  Flip the bag 90 degrees and sew the sides of the bag closed.

Now for a bit of a tricky part.  If I explained everything correctly you should end up with something like this.  2 bags… and make sure the ‘good side’ of the fabric is on the inside.

First, open up the seams by rubbing your nail over them.  Then… Put the bags inside of each other.  Make sure the seams are lines up with each other.

If you open up the seams, the bags line up better.

Just stick a needle on both sides by the seam so the say in place.

Sew arround the top of the bag… remember to leave a little gap. Don’t sew al the wat arround.  You need the get the fabric inside out, so don’t make it to small.

Turn the bag inside out. Manually sew the hole… make sure you son’t see the seam.

Thread the lining inside.

Sew the corners so they stay folded.   Sew the button.

And there you have it.  A little bag for your bike.   🙂