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Superheros are the best. I can’t deny it. So when my son had nightmares, when he was little, I showed him this movie of Iron Man in his suite, communicating with Jarvis. Getting al systems ready an attact the enemy.  It did the trick and he slept better with his mask on. He has been sleeping with it for 5 years and is still his must have item when he goes to bed. 🙂

A sleeping mask to zapp those zombies back to eternity!

For the school trip to the sea he didn’t want to take it with him in case he would lose it. So I made a backup. Cyclopse! What could be cooler than a sleeping mask that can zapp those zombies back into eternity. 🙂

Download the patterns here. Hope it will bring you as much ‘peace of mind’ as it did me.

Download Cyclops Sleeping MaskDownload Ironman Sleeping Mask